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A woman so fat that her skin looks like a sausage casing...there is no room left to expand.
That sausage casing girl looks about ready to explode.
by BS Fatonovich July 07, 2006
30 16
Another word used for a condom.
Gary: "hey man, Jess is coming over later, you got a sausage casing i can borrow?"

Matt: "go buy your own, you broke-ass mother fucker!"
by strawberries4lunch November 05, 2010
25 6
Term used to describe the ring of guys surrounding an attractive woman at the bar. Blocking off any outside contact. Also a "sausage force-field."
Man 1: You should go talk to her.
Man 2: I can't. She's got a fucking sausage casing around her.
by coltrane1 January 12, 2008
13 9
Pantyhose for big gals
It sure is hard getting into these darn sausage casings said Helen
by Dangit December 12, 2013
0 0