cheeky, fresh or brash (saucy is also heard as "sassy"), often also with strong overtones of sex. (No doubt an obvious link of sauce with sexual activity plays a part in this ....)
1. That new guy in your office was very saucy to me this morning ...
2. The "Carry On" films are classics of saucy English humour
by kofi May 09, 2003
It means that the individual carries themselves with a sort of flashy style on or off the court/field
When Akil hit Carlton with that Euro Step it was extra saucy
by D1Bound21 March 05, 2015
Katie R.
Hey Hey Hey sup saucy!?

Lol you're saucy
by Joe Sato September 21, 2011
A person who is not only hot, they are SULTRY. They have sex just emitting from them, pure and enticing. Marilyn Monroe was saucy. Now what finishes the job is a sassy attitude.

A saucy person would be like the smoothest, creamiest, rich, spicy sauce that would make you wanna eat it... but slowly, just to enjoy it's sting.
That saucy mama just pulls me in with those eyes, and melts me down with those lips.
by B_Crush October 02, 2009
another word describing a ranga
RedHead: "i'm not a ranga"
Other Man: "yes u are saucy"
by sidewalk banana June 01, 2009
A sarcastic, pert, fresh, or disrespectful attitude.
Lizzy (to teacher): I think this book should burn, it sucks. Why in the world are we reading this shit anyway?

Teacher: Don't be saucy with me missy!

sarcasm sarcastic pert fresh spicy
by L&S4EVR May 12, 2009
There are a lot of false definitions here.

Saucy is cheeky but usually with a "naughty" (as in sexy) undertone, but not always.
You could say that a young child had a saucy grin, they might have done a poo in their fathers hat and then have a saucy grin like they know its wrong but they find it funny.
Or a little girl who has dressed up in her mothers clothes might walk around the street trying to walk in her mothers high heels and make up splattered all over her face, she is being saucy an old lady would say.
Carry on films, OOH SAUCY.

"What a saucy smile that child has got" an old lady might say.

If a woman says something suggestion in an innuendo or doo blon tondra way you would say "OOOOH Saucy", it means naughty, cheeky.
by Ess. March 23, 2008
to be drunk or under the influence.
That girl drank so much the other night she was saucy!
by Q-tee February 07, 2008

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