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Saucin is when your just the flyest of the fly or what ever you have is fly
yo these shoes are saucin alie
by C'Zar July 19, 2009
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term at Ohio University, used to describe one's alcoholic intake.
Person 1: Are you shitfaced yet?
Person 2: Nah dude, I only had like 5 beers.
Person 1: Man, that's weak saucin'.
by G-no January 25, 2008
to get jiggy in some form, to grind on random objects, commonly plants and cats, and to eat cultured milks.
Christina sure was saucin' it up at her neighbor's house.
by Christinasgayneighborscats August 24, 2009
When someone is tryin to fuck you around so you will shut up.
Man he said he's goin to ask his dad if he can throw down after dinner but i think he's just saucin me.
by mulletor January 01, 2009
cruzan way of saying "having sex".
I was saucin Kelly last night at the motel.
by Black Nuts October 27, 2006

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