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formerly known as the big dawg, currently resides in the upper heavens just watching the world from the comfort of his throne.

if you say his name in person then be prepared for a prosperous life
guy1: hey man have u heard?
guy2: about?
guy1: satyam
guy2: o shit
by mega big dawgg April 09, 2010
Its a sanskrit word meaning "truth".
"satyam shivam sundaram" - meaning truth is God and God is beautiful.
by Gensler July 11, 2006
BHOLO....the only guy who can get raped...the only guy who can sit in the bathroom and talk for hours and never complain....the best thing about him is that he is a sweetheart....and the worse thing about him is that he is a sweetheart....everybody loves him...NOBODY can stay mad at him....the sweetest thing You'll ever meet...the one who cooks you best food....and the one who ALWAYS makes you cant stop LOVING him...the most genuine guy i've ever met....:)
the man of his word
you are so bholo= you are so satyam
Only satyam can do that
by Your RAPE-er March 22, 2011
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