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The Gaelic term for a Saxon. Survives in modern day Ireland and Scotland as a derogatory term for an English person.
I went into a pub in Templebar but it was full of Sassenachs so i left straight away.
#sasenachs #english #nobs #tourists #brits
by Damo B January 19, 2006
A Scot's term for an english person. Supposedly said with mirth but often containing thinly veiled hostility.
Och. A sassenach.
#englishman #derogitory to english (seen as invaders) #derived from gaelic #not nice to english #also used by irish
by Mone. August 10, 2008
Refers to the non Celtic/gaelic speaking Britons usually of Saxon antecedents. Usually meant as a mild put down.
"My poor sister is stuck with a drunk for a husband."

"Dont worry, it could be worse. He could be a sober Sassenach."
#english #foul foes; brothers #heroes #highlanders #celts.
by MichaelArchAngel71 August 13, 2011
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