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A wonderful girl who is the best friend a guy can have. She is smart, funny, pretty, and likes to watch old people bathing in parks.
She is the ying to your yang, and loves V.
Oona aka Ceridwen aka the Queen of hearts.
by Look above.... May 06, 2009
a girl who seems cute and nice but can get almost anything she wants from you without you knowing it. Oona's are sneaky and manipulative, so watch out.
"I doubt she's ever gotten in trouble in her entire life, she's such an oona!"
by lamp-man January 12, 2009
Pronounced "Oh-Oh-Nah". A phrase usually coined by Filipino's to say "OK". Usually used in slang to close friends or family members in an annoyed or sarcastic manner. Can be said as just "Oh oh, oh oh." When given a tasks or command.
Mom: "Hey! Stop dropping rice on the floor! You always create such a mess!"
Son: "O o na..."

Friend: "Man! I just finished my workout! My gun's are HUGE!"
Friend: "Hah hah. O o, O o na. Whatever you say."
by Ricebowl Lee July 21, 2009
A sexy young bitch who doesn't take no for an answer.
Oonas tend to like to dance till their limbs fall off.
Lastly, Oonas love to watch old people bathe in parks, it
turns them on.
I saw an Oona the other day. She was dancing in a park. I think she was staring at the man because he was bathing in a park stream!
by thefreshsmellofpoointhepark April 24, 2008
The kind of girl that would rather draw old people taking baths in the park than take a bike ride with you to get liquor.
A bike ride? WITH YOU? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No. Cause I'm drawing neked old folks. - oona
by Rahahahahaha May 11, 2011