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The most beautiful girl i have ever layed my eyes on.
Saskia is the love of my life.
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
The most wonderful, amazing, sexy, perfect girl... ever. Saskia is someone that everyone loves, is jealous of, and in awe of.

But she can also be a little bit of a smarty-pants.... and a slut. But everyone looks past that because of her witty personality and amazing looks.
fist person: She is beautiful! I lover her so much! She's funny, and amazing, and wonderful. Although a little slutty sometimes.
second person: Oh my, she has to be a Saskia!
by OoOooh. February 15, 2010
Saskia is the most beautiful girl in the world, however, she rarely has a boyfriend.

Saskia loves fashion and is a trend setter, she desires to be a fashion designer.
Shes smart but not a nerd.
Shes funny but not over the top.
Saskia is perfect!
WOW look at her- she must be a Saskia!
by girlygirl.xox.101 March 04, 2012
Saskia is an asteroid. It was discovered by Max Wolf on October 22, 1900
Look at that Saskia
by madmax19 February 04, 2010
The ex girlfriend of Max Green, bass player of Escape The Fate. Much better looking than the crackwhore he is with now. She also models.
MAx Green and Saskia were adorable together. She's such a lucky bitch!
by Sadistic Princess May 08, 2009
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