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Colombian for snitch. Unofficial verb would be sapear: to snitch. Literally means toad.
Don't trust him, he's a sapo. Sapo malparido! Crees que me vaya a sapear?
by pimpollo June 18, 2007
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a south american piece of shit
Shit man the physics teacher is a sapos.
by Crackahjack February 06, 2008
Toad in Spanish.
Damn watch out for sapo he locc.
by sapo August 03, 2003
stands for such a piece of shit
that computer is SAPOS
by Pete March 06, 2005
Brazilian term for someone who smokes joints but never put any one.
Vish...lá vem o sapo...gela o baseado
by M Fresh June 13, 2008
Sorry Ass Piece of Shit
Dude, you're such a sapos!
by MGK September 24, 2006
acronym for Stinkin Ass Piece Of Shit
jes look at that SAPOS! i wouldn't beat!
by vaguegus May 10, 2005

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