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Disease. In Colombia it's used to demean a person just the same way like pirobo, garbimba, malparido, etc
Your boyfriend hit you? What a gonorrea. That gonorrea stole my bus fare
by pimpollo June 18, 2007
Colombian for snitch. Unofficial verb would be sapear: to snitch. Literally means toad.
Don't trust him, he's a sapo. Sapo malparido! Crees que me vaya a sapear?
by pimpollo June 18, 2007
sinonym of bullets. it is used in Colombia to say in a joking way.
That guy is pissed, he's about to start 'giving' chumbimba to everybody. What happened to Pedro? He was 'given' chumbimba at the party for being aletoso
by pimpollo June 18, 2007
This is when somebody is biting more than they can chew. An aletoso is that person that talks a lot of smack for whatever reason and usually gets beat up. Used in Colombia by street thugs usually.
If you get all aletoso I'm gonna fuck you up. Ese marica andaba de aletoso y lo levantaron.
by pimpollo June 18, 2007
In Colombia, chimbo means a man's penis. However, in Cali, both chimbo and chimba can mean the same thing, although in Medellin and other paisa sectors chimba means a woman's vagina.
Also chimbo can be used as a synonim of lame.
That girl walked closed to me and felt my chimbo. My chimbo itches. I'll do that if you grab my chimbo.
Don't be a chimbo. That guy had an extra pencil and didn't let me borrow it, what a chimbo.
by pimpollo June 18, 2007
In Colombia pollo means a young man.
It is known for MILFs to go after pollos because they can tap that ass with much eagerness.
by pimpollo June 18, 2007

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