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sapna is nothing but dreams. Usually used to discribe a sweet dream had last night .
last night i had a sweet sapna (dream)
by Madhusudhan June 08, 2005
an extremely hott and attractive person
Man, did you see that chick? She's such a sapna.
by Miles Finch February 06, 2005
Dream in Lithuanian language.
Sianakt sapnavau tave = Last night I saw you in my dreams.
Sapnas = dream. Sapnuoti = to dream. Sapnai = dreams.
by laststar April 23, 2010
the computer/internet wizzzz who is an abolute genious!!! AKA Soupy
Man I am such a sapna on the computer.
by Neerali January 20, 2005
She's someone who'll just ditch you when you get close to her. Never trust a Sapna if you have one in your life. Cute and funny but don't fall for that. Guys don't usually involve with her.
Nobody wants a Sapna in their life.
by nobody3cares December 26, 2012
the editor of a newspaper
The Sapna published my article in last week's edition.
by J2 student February 09, 2005
1. a bitch, usually full of jealousy and hatred
2. possessive and loves to lie
3. kisses ass to get anything and anyone
4. a smurf
5. whining,annoying
that sapna kept me up all last night
she never smiles that sapna
by malibu_10 October 25, 2006
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