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1)a loser or whack brother.
2)a term of endearment toward close friends.
1) That sap sucker stole my shoes.
2) What's up sap sucker.
by A-Treezy July 27, 2006
A person not high in social status. (i.e. lame, loser, chump, punk, ect.)
That dude ain't nothin' but a sapsucker.

You need to back up, you ol' sapsucker
by bright_star March 22, 2005
A derogatory term for a Canadian person or thing.
That douche Sidney Crosby is such a sap sucker.
by muricafuckyeah February 28, 2014
when a girl is sucking the head of your dick and using both hands to stroke it in a circular as well as lateral motion. This often feels very good.
Dude, you have to get blown by Tracy. She gives the best sap-sucker ever!
by Paul and Mark October 26, 2008