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The name for the most awesome person ever. It is impossible to fit so much awesomeness into any other person.
You think your as awesome as Sanna? Well you can't be because Sanna is so amazingly awesome!
- "Hi. What's your name?"

- "Sanna"

- "Oh my goodness that is the most awesome name I've ever heard in my LIFE!"
by Tony5542 February 04, 2010
a beautiful name, and a short for Susanna wich is a greek version of a hebreian name that means "lily". there's about 9600 persons named Sanna and 7900 of them use it as their first name. plus all the Susanna's that call themselves for Sanna.
whats good, Sanna?
by Sanna Bertils October 23, 2006
How an American pronounces "Santa" as in "Santa Claus"
"It's Christmas time, Sanna's gonna be coming to the houses" said the American.
"Shut the fuck up it's Santa not Sanna!!" said me.
by Sanna Pwner December 04, 2010
a combination of both sable and anna. usually in the form of a doubles team in tennis
by AIG September 20, 2003

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