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1) A sexy ass girl who's bitching and can cap yo ass.. funny, hot and cool.
2) The name of a gay motherfuckers ex-girlfriend who's too good for him
3) She likes long walks on the beach, moonlight dinners, and doin' it doggie style!
YooOOoooOOo, Dang! Sanja's got it goin' on!
by blingblingwanksta June 29, 2004
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A beautiful, smart, helpful, dancer who sees the world in a joyous perspective. Very competitive also.
"Look! There's Sanja!"
by Ke$haaaaaa February 02, 2010
1) big battie gyal
2) big titty gyal
3) pamphlet mans ex
4) sexy ass gurl
5) too good for harrison
6) then again to good for ne man:(
1) Damnnnnnnnn nigggaaaa looook at dat azzz

2) EEEEE EEEEEEEEE loook at dem bounceee

3) Sanja plz join me religion

4) damnnnn homiee she fyneeeeeeeeeeeee

5) i dont need his pamphlet door-to-door self me gwan to man who can get in my pants HOLLLAHH AT CHUR GYAL!!

6) i dun need u foool u can get wid disss
by rizzles July 23, 2004
a horror movie made in koper, slovenia
I love sanja.
I go to cinema every week to see sanja.
by pomaranca April 04, 2008
completely vain and conceited person
usually is also a complete hypocrit
that whore is a total sanja
by not u ever January 08, 2005

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