A sandwich with the super-sandwich powers of good taste.
When making a sangwich, take care of your ingredients and they will take care of you.
by David Harris (mgoblue3296) February 08, 2009
A variation of the word "sandwich" used by comedian Dane Cook.
So I headed to the BK lounge to get a spicy chicken sangwich.
by T. S. Hogdahl II May 25, 2006
Daniel "Axel" Feldman's way of saying Sandwich...he Dumb
Im so hungy Isaac let Go get a Sangwich!
by Isaacien December 11, 2007
A breakfast snack consisting of sausage, egg and cheese in a rubbery bread bun. Very popular in Naval circles.
The chief has got the sangwiches in again.
by cpome7 February 10, 2008
A snack consisting of meat, cheese or vegetables between two pieces of bread. Very popular in the East End of Glasgow, Scotland.
Och! You get the best sangwiches on Duke Street, so you do!
by mike101 February 07, 2008
a meal consisting of meat and cheese enveloped by bread eaten by a Cuban or a man/woman of Cuban descent.
Hey meng, they didn't put any papa frita on this Cuban Esteak Sangwich
by Davdav2000 January 03, 2005
Made of by students.
A more fun word for sex.
by L November 19, 2004

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