when someone bends over and shits explosive diarrhea in the subject's face. Popular in many parts of Germany
"My girl and I got so freaky last night, she even wanted a sandstorm when I told her I was having explosive diarrhea."
by induhvidyooul October 28, 2006
A 'SandStorm' is someone who is so shit even a sandstorm couldn't put them out. Because there a good for nothing, out of beat, weirdo stalker, and a wannabe. They also have herpes.
Hey... you hear about that guy Sepand? He's a total sandstorm.
by RealMusik July 01, 2010
A 6'2" wanker made entirely of sand paper.
on the arrival of Sandstorm :
'Sand! you came!'
'Many times'
by Tiggydong January 10, 2008
possibly. the most overplayed and overrated trance song ever made.
mike:hey man. you wanna listen to sandstorm by darude?
bill:who are you? crazy?. lady gaga is less mainstream than that crap!
by ItsOurFuture August 09, 2010
A member of the Random Crap Crew. Former Member of XiLeZ. Game Mod Maker, Graphic Design, and Webmaster. Has dominated Vasco Ignus on numerous occasions. Allys include
Underwoo, Starblazer, Random Crap Crew, and the remaining members of Xilez
Sandstorm pwned us at Rouge Spear.
Did you see how Sandy dominated Vasco Ignus
by Sandstorm February 24, 2005

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