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1 definition by ComaKing08

The name of the sexual position of a female sitting on a male's chest while she gives him a blowjob. He then sprinkles salt and pepper into her butthole and shakes her butt around. Then, as he orgasms, he punches her in the kidney and she farts in his face. Thus forming a homemade sandstorm.

Also known as "Spicy Cheeks".
"Man I miss her so much. She was the freakiest girl I ever met. One time she even gave me a sandstorm!"

"I'd sandstorm that in a heartbeat!"

"Had to put my dog to sleep. He kept giving the neighbor's cat a sandstorm."

"How much did I drink last night? I woke up this morning and tasted spicy cheeks on my lips."
by ComaKing08 July 22, 2008
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