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A Sandham is a large land mammal which lives in and around the Newquay area.

It's name originates from The American Army which a Sergant Major would of been names Sandyhamuel. It has developed into what we know today as, Sandham.
1. My god! That is a big Sandham!

2. To Sandham - To waddle.
by Ms Lucas November 17, 2007

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When a US soldier looks over a sand dune and sees the ass of Sadam's dead Iraqui scumbag followers sticking out of the sand. Then you put it in a box and send it to France
Also known as the stuffed Sand Ham. Upon Discovery you pack the asshole with C4, give it to one of the Iraqui villagers, then tell them to drop it off at Sadams house in Baghdad, or send it to France
by Big Nation April 03, 2003