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When fucking a tourist on the beach, right before ejaculation, remove condom, cum inside her, throw sand in her eyes and take off down the beach like a "Sand Crab". She is then left on the beach, blinded, feeling stupid and pregnant.
Fucking tourist, Sand Crab them all!
the act of hooking up with a random girl on a beach and cumming inside of her without a condom on. The girl, now having cum inside of her, will waddle down to the water (not wanting to jar the cum any further inside of her) to wash herself out, looking like a sand crab. The guy can then a) stay and laugh at the sand crab or b) get the fuck out of Dodge.
Ryan was at a beach party on Saturday and hooked up with a girl. After he was done, he watched his freshly made sand crab for a couple minutes before running home.
by Jamie Sloughgart September 29, 2006
the act of having sex on the beach and then pulling out to cum all over her stomach. Then, you immediately roll her over causing sand to stick on your freshly made load, thereby creating a sand crab.
David was having sex on the beach yesterday and he made a giant sand crab on Julie.
by Jamie Sloughgart September 29, 2006
When you get Crabs from a Mexican, Middle Eastern, or anyone who looks like they live at the beach. Started in 1967 in Myrtle Beach, SC, by Charlie Al'habeeb. The trend slowly took the nation by storm when it was feature on the popular TV show Matlock. Late in his life Charlie Al'habeeb appeared on 60 Min. with Barb Walters. Here on the set of 60 Min. he gave Barb the Sand Crab. Here in Poulfuk CA, he was shot dead by an angry fan.
Stupid Sand Crab snuck up on me in the middle of the night.

by Terry Wormsworth September 11, 2006
When doing the "dirty-dance" on the beach, it is to get in the "doggy style" position and have your woman press her chest into the sand and try to dig a hole by the time you are finished.
i was walking up the beach one night to find a girl sand crabbing with her man in the moonlight.
by Aaron March 31, 2005

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