the guy ur gurl is cheatin on u wit; sancha for the female version
Hey girl have u talked to ur sancho?;
I'm ur boys sancha
by JaNeT September 19, 2003
The Nickname for the man your girl is cheating on you.
Sancho Comes From Sideshow.
I found out Rickys girlfriend has a sancho.
San cho = Side Show
by youngKartoon28 January 16, 2015
a filthy mexican/spanish cunt that breaks into your home and eats your food and fucks your wife and kids when your at work.
Watcheley the sancho!(watch out for the sancho)
by eL SaNCHo TaCo November 11, 2010
The Spanish guy from the Matt Stone and Trey Parker film, Orgazmo. He only spoke one sentence.
"There are many Toms in this world, and many Jacks, but I...I am Sancho."
by KaceCC January 08, 2006
The term used to describe the player with the lowest score in a round of any contest such as a video game.
Guy 1: "Dude look at how many points he has."
Guy 2: "Ha, only 16. He's the Sancho."
by hahaha1992 July 25, 2009
in L.A. - and most of So Cal - it means a woman's gay friend
My sancho and I went shopping today. It was fabulous.
by hdragomir April 23, 2009
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