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Someone with baggage, either emotional or physical.
Joe: She's hot.
Pete: She's also a Samsonite.
Joe: Kids?
Pete: Two.
Joe: She's a MILF.
by CarmCarm January 07, 2007
When someone you'd usually find blindingly hot, Usually female, has so much baggage that it obscures their hottness.
Yeah she looks good and all, but pure samsonite.
by yungn8r January 23, 2008
Baggage, slows you down. Impeding progress.
Brien is like samsonite yo! He's like luggage or some bad baggage.He's slowing me down.
by smitty 73 October 21, 2007
Rectum, butthole, etc. Used to smuggle paraphernalia in prison.
Morgan Spurlock: In jail we would hide things up our sphincter.
Stephen Colbert: Oh yeah.. right up the old Samsonite..
by wetdirtmud August 30, 2006

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