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3 definitions by wetdirtmud

Television spam. Links to an internet site for more spam of products.
Want some useless junk? Check out www.bamzu.com/product name
by wetdirtmud December 30, 2005
52 18
Rectum, butthole, etc. Used to smuggle paraphernalia in prison.
Morgan Spurlock: In jail we would hide things up our sphincter.
Stephen Colbert: Oh yeah.. right up the old Samsonite..
by wetdirtmud August 30, 2006
13 18
The length of skin between a man's anus and scrotum.
I got very mad at my colleague when I discovered he named the distance between the scrotum and anus after me, Merriam.
by wetdirtmud May 10, 2008
6 23