how a retard says 'sandwich'. this is not a word.
in a brilliant retard voice "today i gonna get a samich..then i go to walmart to mastahbate on the toasters."
by Lou Varone March 16, 2009
(noun) as once stated by an I.T. professional, samich refers to a woman's reproductive origins because they resemble a roast beef sandwich.
Teacher: Man that's a good samich!
Class: You mean sandwich right?
Teacher: No you idiots!
Class: Then what is it sir?
Teacher: You know when a mommy and daddy love each other very much and they want to have a baby but they do a little foreplay and daddy looks down at mommy's "baby box" and says, "Hmmm honey, your samich looks amazing today!"... sir?!
Teacher: Well, you little tards asked.
by Caleb Fultz October 02, 2007
What "rednecks" from the Coal Region call sandwiches.
That samich I ate backed up my ass, and I crapped in the turlet for two hours.
by Tony Mack July 19, 2005
not to be mistaken for sammich or sandwich a samich is the word understood by women for when her man wants a manwich
guy1: im hungry

Guy2: yea i could go for a manwich

Guy2: women come here

women: yes higher speices

Guy2: go fetch me and guy1 a samich now

women :yes straight away
by shifty1 August 25, 2010
the nickname given to the sexiest, smartest, cutest, best breakfast cooking, best show jumping, most artistic, sweetest girlfriend i could ever ask for. her awesome friend amanda came up with this name.
Cas loves you Samich!
by cas91 February 14, 2010
a sandwitch that has something added to it to make it even better.
add gravy to a roast beef sandwitch and it becomes a roast beef samich
by Logan S February 15, 2005
a fat girl who looks real ugly
Brandon and Jay were chillin with a samich
by Neycha June 03, 2006

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