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A Catholic school in Preston, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia with a high Muslim population to the point where the actual Catholics don't go to school on Islamic holidays due to the decline in attendence.
A school where the dodgy teachers only last 3 months, to get some experience in their first year out of teacher's college, before having a mental breakdown and moving on to greener pastures (even if they are rolling across them in straightjackets).
A school which spends money on things like self promotion when there is nothing of value to promote (see the recently decommissioned purple and yellow "Samaritan tram" as a case in point). Despite the fact that the school oval is an oblong and the basketball court has no basketball rings.
A school which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lift for disabled students, got the archbishop in to bless it, and saw the only disabled student leave the school.
A school that tried to enforce uniform standards and got the response "Sir, are you trying to make this like a rich school or sumfink?" No child, that's impossible...

Samaritan, pretension is our aim!
"Come on boys, let's have a kick on the oblong..."

"I'm not getting on that fuckin' tram, leh"
by lmbloodbath April 26, 2005
A Christian School, with muslim lebanese in abundance. Pretentiously spend their money on big purple trams, which like the students are slow and know only one direction
"Meet the Samaritan Boys at Subway leh"
by Anon Amos February 14, 2005
Helpline that you can phone when you are at risk of ending it all. An ear to talk to when you have things bothering you that you couldnt tell another living soul.
Person answers phone "hello this is the Samaritans how can we help?"
Desperate person answers "Hello, my world is falling apart"
Then proceeds to spill their "guts" to a complete stranger about how fucked up their life is....
Feels a bit better afterwards and can see things in a different light.
by Homielover February 28, 2009
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