Adjective: The act of being a sore loser and having a negative attitude.
Man Rich is sooooo salty, nigga shouldnt take things so personally...
by nyamachoma September 25, 2014
Bitter and angry
McCall was salty af about Colin stealing her precious word
by whatabunchofmalarky November 14, 2015
Word that dumb-ass people use.
Tristan shouted "Salty" after playing a dating simulator.

Abundo was not noticed by senpai, which has caused him to feel salty.
by SmartGuy1 March 01, 2015
People are represented as potatoes. If someone tickles your pickle, you describe them as being salty. You can also salt a potato, meaning to shag them or want to shag them.
That is one salty potato.
by Salty October 16, 2014
Describing someone as hot / attractive.
Jennifer: "You and me are going out tonight"
Needy: "Uh, what's tonight?"
Jennifer: "Because Low Shoulder are playing at Malibu lane. They're this indie rock band from the city, I saw their Myspace page and the lead singer is extra "salty".
by Hollisterboycali January 18, 2015
The act of overreacting to one's friends when they are just joking around.
Guy 1 - "Man, Quinn sure is salty today!"

Guy 2 - "Yeah he is! He could turn a freshwater lake into the dead sea!"

Guy 1 - "Yeah, he totally could."
by InfantSoup December 10, 2014
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