Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
To a person from China (Refer to Mainlander) The term "Salties" is a shortened word for "Salt Water" (As the Stereotype goes: All Mainlanders swim across the Ocean to arrive in our country "Ocean = Salt Water". Speaks Loud, has no regards to anyone around them, speaks with a horrific accent (Known as a Beijing accent) They wear mismatching clothing that has no regard for each other and often wear white rimmed glasses that defy fashion. Knows enough English to communicate but rather talks in their beautiful Beijing Accent.
*A Bunch of a Mainlanders enter the Classroom and sit down*

A: What just happend? It smells like the Ocean.

B: Because a bunch of Salties came in.
by Saltless May 25, 2010
Sassy, person with attitude

(It's a good thing to be salty)
Troy is salty. Troy is very salty.
by livetodance October 01, 2014
A teenaged girl who is passive aggressive and slightly "ratchet."
"What's up with Emma lately? She's been so rude!"

"Don't worry about her. She's salty.
by Fly Muffin July 09, 2014
When a sugar daddy is broke he is salty.
When he showed up in a Honda I knew he was salty.
by Sugarnotsalt August 04, 2013
A term popular among firefighters, to describe a firefighter who is aged and/or very experienced. It also describes a firefighter who is bitter because of his career choice.
One:Hey Captain, who is the SOD guy replacing our engineer.

Two:Oh you mean engineer McGuiness?

One:Damn I hate that salty firefighter. He is so old.

Two:Show him respect he was one of the first to respond to the metro crash.
by MrMiami June 07, 2012
To be upset or angry, usually when one is put on the spot as talking out of their ass, or caught in a lie, a classic example would be someone who talked a lot of trash before a sports game and then gets beaten soundly and is pissed about it.
Brad bragged to Jim he could beat anyone in basketball, and talked trash for days. Jim challenged Brad and beat him 10-1, at which point Brad stormed off, salty.
by Hanyo March 20, 2011
Salty = Salt of the Earth sort.

A seasoned man, wise beyond his years, who is earthy, witty, pungent with manliness (salty if licked) and able to kick some ass should the situation renders itself necessary (like a drunken sailor).
Think: Lenny Kravitz, Bono, Benicio del Toro, Goran Visnjic, Diego Luna, Harvey Keitel
Do not think: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Adam Sandler, Jim Carey

Salty Women include: Madonna, Cher, Mae West, Joan Jet, Queen Latifa
by Megan Cash January 04, 2006

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