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Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
Used in the fire department world meaning old fashioned and experienced.
Did you See Vinny At the fire?

Yeah He's Salty...
by Duffowitz November 10, 2013
To a person from China (Refer to Mainlander) The term "Salties" is a shortened word for "Salt Water" (As the Stereotype goes: All Mainlanders swim across the Ocean to arrive in our country "Ocean = Salt Water". Speaks Loud, has no regards to anyone around them, speaks with a horrific accent (Known as a Beijing accent) They wear mismatching clothing that has no regard for each other and often wear white rimmed glasses that defy fashion. Knows enough English to communicate but rather talks in their beautiful Beijing Accent.
*A Bunch of a Mainlanders enter the Classroom and sit down*

A: What just happend? It smells like the Ocean.

B: Because a bunch of Salties came in.
by Saltless May 25, 2010
A verb describing an action or situation that is the opposite of sweet (cool).
"My roommate smoked all of my bud while I was out of town."

"Dude, that's salty."
by klippel91 June 10, 2014
when one has acquired a large amount of dandruff that has fallen from their scalp and onto their back. so much so, it resembles the appearance of salt that has been thrown over their shoulder for good luck and landed on their back.
Jordan, i hate to tell you this but you have a salty back!
by twerkalicious69 May 15, 2014
In a basketball game, when a male player jumps up to shoot the ball and another player is waiting for the rebound, the guy shooting might rub his balls in the other man's face/mouth. This is similar to sucking the salt off of a peanut's shell, hence, salties.
Aaron: Yeah, but I feel bad for the other guy.
John: Why man?
Aaron: Did you see that?! He got some salties.
John: Sick dude.
by biggestdadddy December 07, 2009
A word originating in Wexford generally meaning that you just got played, or are looking stupid, either because of something you did, or something that was done to you.

Did you lose both of the girls?


aw man, are you salty!!

(everyone laughs)
by Davente10 June 08, 2014
Feeling really stupid
She was real salty when she got the answer wrong in class, especially since she swore she knew the answer.
by Advocateurknowledge November 17, 2013