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A term used to describe someone who is a bit of a thug and can carry on like a rude child. Usually uses words such as "rekt", "rko", "thug", etc.
*Cooper kicks soccer ball near Isobel and almost hits her head*

"Cooper, you salty dawg!"
#ex: dawg #salty #rude #poser #thug
by August 14, 2015
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a male who has performed an act of raw manliness usually involving a female or multiple females. It usually has a sexual or grimey connotation and may often involve a lewd act.
"Dude I heard you hooked up maddie last friday"
"Yup! Got a bj"
"You salty dawg"
#waldon #connor #salty #sailor #dawg #dawgstatus #davis #jared
by salty sailor DP May 26, 2009
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