A fish that yields pink flesh. Hits the spot when it is:
-steamed with ginger on top
-pan-fried with sweet and sour sauce
-pan fried with curry and onions on top
Mmm, that curry on salmon last night was awesome.
by StatenIslander November 21, 2007
Female who is extremely talanted and active during sexual intercourse.

Opposite of a stalefish, and better than a flounder.
Justin: Dude, you did the horizontal hokey pokey with Jessica? That girl has to be a salmon.

Jon: My man, girl is a salmon at it's finest. Rode me like a stallion.
by TWP Fisherman March 16, 2010
To go round to somebody's house, and have an unfortunate incident regarding to some sort of bodily function (fluid or solid)

-from the notorious historical nature of salmon related products giving you an upset stomach.
I'm frightfully sorry, i appear to have double salmoned upstairs.. first of all i blocked the toilet with a champion log. Then unfortunately on my way back from the bathroom i popped into your bedroom to get a stick of gum and chundered all over your bed..
by Bevlar March 01, 2010
Sex. Just a word for sex.
"You can get AIDS from salmon, you know"
"I get my salmon off the streets"
"I buy my salmon at the fish market"
by 12ichi July 13, 2009
A very mild slap across the face>
You start with original slap, then hit the face again on the backhand.
It originates from the tail action from a "salmon" whilst it swims
I gave Andrew a Salmon
by cheesypeasjlk June 25, 2007
The other "pink" meat!
Salmon steaks are great on the grill!
by Going_Yard9 June 20, 2005
Someone who drives up and down a road repeatedly all day, with nothing better to do
Person 1:Is that the same car again?
Person 2:Yeah, that guy is such a salmon.
by 1333333333333333333337 October 18, 2010

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