Ancient New Zealand custom where two people slap each others forarms in congratulations
Now is commenly used between skateboarders and car enthusiests
good job, SALMONS!!! *offers ones forarm*
#hi-5 #hi5 #salmon #well done #yeah #cool #awsome #skateboarding #cars
by *Ninja_in_the_garage* November 06, 2006
To "leap like a salmon", usually used in football matches to describe an amazing leaping header. A legendary footballing technique. The word "SALMON!" is usually shouted to pre-emt a "salmon".
Famously mastered by Chris "Salmon!" Allen, for the Mighty Boosh FC.
"That man leapt like a salmon!"


#salmon #header #jump #football #leap
by Chris June 15, 2006
A slang word for sex. Can be used both as a verb and a noun. Originally defined in the 1970s Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Used by upper class teenagers who were attempting to hide their promescuity from their overbearing parents. Has led to the recent fad of "Awkward Salmon".
Guy: I had some good salmon last night.


Guy2: I just got salmoned!


Guy 3: I'm gonna go to the bar to see if I can get some salmon.
#sex #intercourse #laid #coitus #gettin some #fuck #salmon
by TheBearClaws July 30, 2011
Slang often referring to physically abusing another person on the basis of their sexual preference.
Mike was given a salmons just for walking out of the gay bar.
#abuse #homosexual #gay #beat #lesbian
by Denmark-Dan December 01, 2006
A term used to describe an athlete who deliberately competes at a lower level of competition in order to outplay the field and win awards.

Derived from the 'Big-fish-little-pond" concept; a clearly superior fish in a little pond.
He played the game today like a professional athlete, he is a Salmon in this division of the competition.
#athlete #rookie #fish #player #hunter
by quasiman November 13, 2011
A word referring to a male that likes to date older women. Similar to a trout (swims downstream in age) who is a 40+ male that likes to date 20 year olds, a salmon (swims upstream in age) is a 20-30 year old that likes to date cougars.
Man, did you see my homey Donny, that salmon slayed 4 cougars last night at the Mix nightclub in Sacramento.

That cougar pounced on the poor unsuspecting salmon.
#salmon #cougar #trout #milf #puma
by Sgt. Da Danko December 29, 2010
cockney slang for cigarettes, "salmon and Trout" = snout, often sortened to just "salmon"
got any salmon mate??
#cigs #fags #snout #burn #tailers
by djsc53 June 02, 2006
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