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A person, of the salesy persuasion, who possesses scarcely enough mental faculties to complete simple day to day tasks such as putting their underwear on in the right direction, but who still somehow manages to persuade people in positions of monetary authority that they should invest in a product that is incapable of performing as promised.

Can be found saying such things as:

"Not only is this a powerful collaborative tool which will increase and streamline your company's capabilities accross the board, but it will also make your coffee, change your kid's diapers, and wipe your a$$ for you (only 2-ply and higher tp supported)."
"Don't worry about Kristen," Jarvis said, rolling his eyes, "She suffers from salestardation, but she's harmless, really."
by vulgarityfilteroff February 04, 2010
Common retail salespeople, as defined by the (Fake) Steve Jobs blog.
The "salestards" are furious that they won't have the new friggin' iPhone for Christmas.
by Fake Steve January 09, 2008
Completely inept salespeople
Man boss we could be doin Hella numbers if we didn't have an entire staff of "salestards."
by Coffee is for Closers ONLY August 10, 2012

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