One who does the salad toss. One who takes it uo the ass. See homo, fag, gay, faggot.
The high school jock team is just a bunch of salad tossers.
by G. Oriber February 19, 2003
Top Definition
Some who licks the outside and inside of an asshole.
Eric is a salad tosser!
by orphic December 05, 2002
SALAD TOSSER ( P ) Pronunciation Key (saled tôser)
v. salad tossed, salad toss·ing, salad toss·es
v. tr.
1.The art of eating ass.
2.To agitate ones rectal with tongue
3.Anal fellatio
4.Tongue lashing someones poophole
"He bends over as he/she tosses his salad"

"OMG! That chick ate my ass for hours, she's an awesome salad tosser"
by Lan B. September 19, 2005
The art of eating ass.
She's awesome down there, what a salad tosser!
by Lan B. September 19, 2005
one who licks the poopshot.
juan is a salad tosser.
by turtle April 01, 2003
Eating out Someone Butt
Stop Tossing Her Salad
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
Also referred to as "A tosser". it is an individual who licks out someones ass.
"Wow, I heard Tom Sizemore was a salad tosser while he was in jail."
by Turbo of Hali August 24, 2006
A committed liberal progressive who wants to toss out Democrats who do not conform perfectly to left-wing ideology.
The saladtossers are really going after Rep. Stupak for his stance on abortion.
by HanSoloBolo June 08, 2010
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