A committed liberal progressive who wants to toss out Democrats who do not conform perfectly to left-wing ideology.
The saladtossers are really going after Rep. Stupak for his stance on abortion.
by HanSoloBolo June 08, 2010
One who lives for the thrill of eating out the hairy ass of another man, usually with syrup or jelly.
"Brian was the biggest salad tosser in County"
by Trevor from VA March 09, 2008
When a homosexual gets extremely upset, they throw their salads at people (but usually miss)or at at the ground or wall. It also can be used to describe a someone that acts like a bitch and is most likely gay.
That guy freaked out and threw a salad over here, guess he must be a salad tosser.

That bitch is a salad tosser.
by Snicker Tits January 26, 2009
When someone licks the bunghole up and down and at some extreme times eats the brown lil pieces of poop called dingleberries.
Drew and Chris love tossing eachothers salad all night long and then Ben jumps in and fingers there buttholes!!!!
by Jayz May 13, 2003
Bush, Dickhead Cheney, Republicans
With the "necessary" war on Iraq for the "WMD" and Saddam's "connection with Osama" who knows what the full extent of the damage these salad tossers would be?
by Stairface Chippendale May 15, 2006
One who, in their homosexuality, eats out men.
Honey Buns.
by Shadow May 01, 2003
One who does the salad toss. One who takes it uo the ass. See homo, fag, gay, faggot.
The high school jock team is just a bunch of salad tossers.
by G. Oriber February 19, 2003

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