old womens tits that sag to the floor.
ur moms tits sag
by stan the man May 13, 2003
Top Definition
insanely loserish, like a faggot. also someone who cheats on their wife but doenst fuck them. just makes out with them. also someone who is ancient and retarded
No one is as saggs as sucka motherfucker stopper
by theonlysun81 October 22, 2007
Someone with a really saggy vagina.
"Fucking Jessica was so horrible. She has such a sagg."
by SaggyVag October 05, 2015
anyone who doesn't have a penis
"smfs is saggs"
"no wai d00d he's gonna banhammar u!!!"
"im chuck norris"
by sevendust December 17, 2007
another word for cigg or cigarette
yo man let me cop the last drag of tht delicious sagg
by johnnnnn October 27, 2006
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