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If someone is wearing it on their clothes everyday, it is usually a promise to not kill themselves (espeically if they have attempted before).
Jill: Jenny wears that stupid safety pin everday.
Jack: Yeah, it's because she attempted suicide. It's a promise to herself to never do it again.
Jill: Wow that's sad.
by Jennnnny ( : September 13, 2008
1. A holy object that can be used for multiple purposes. These uses are: Putting things together, prying things out of things, eating with, fixing one's braces with, perparing food, an earing, nose ring, naval ring, a fashionable peice of metal that comes in handy, and many other things.
"Do you have a saftey pin? I gotta hole in my shirt."
by CordieCat June 27, 2005
a foldable pointy object, useful for getting stuff off of other stuff.
hey, you got a saftey pin? my pipe is clogged again
by hash is brown November 13, 2003
A tiny handy object used to shank the person next to u when the dumb ass is being annoying as hell.
He wouldn't stop talking shit so I just pulled out my safety pin and stabbed him in the arm.That taught the douche bag a lesson.
by Icydoll♥ July 06, 2011
A unique earring. Ouch.
Mm. I like safety pins. I'll put one in my ear... ow!!!
by Meeeee November 12, 2003
mostly a metal device used for holding together wedding dresses and clothes....but know has been exploited as a fashion to those who are interested....but if not I bow to you who want to hold your clothes on
get married....you'll see......or rip your pants
by Laura June 30, 2003
a pointy little object;
1-used as a fashion statement by some.
2-also a handy little tool for cutters.
1-check out my fuckin backpack, i am so hardcore because i stuck safety pins all over it.

2-i was depressed & bored, so, being the cutter i am, cut a broken heart into my arm last night.
by so.emo.it.hurts August 08, 2005