A faction of the BDSM lifestyle shared by many people globally. It is named for both Marquis de Sade (120 Days of Sodom) of noble French birth and also for Leopold van Sacher Masoch (Venus in Furs). Both writers represent the two extremes of the spectrum. Sade represents male dominance, while Masoch represents male subservience. Hence the word we use today is a combination of the two.
Since his teen years he had been reading fictional tales of sado-masochism, and now he finally got the courage to indulge his fantasies. He stepped into the dungeon, dropped to his knees, and beheld his new Mistress. Tonight he would become powerless.
by Dame Alexza February 22, 2009
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The obtaining of sexual pleasure from sadism (= hurting other people) and from masochism (= being hurt)
by skippy June 13, 2003
the deriving of pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting or submitting to physical or emotional abuse.
by Keith April 25, 2003
Sado-masochism is a combination of the words sadism, meaning to take pleasure in inflicting pain on others, and masochism, to take pleasure in pain inflicted on you. Together, the term sado-masochism refers to a wide spectrum of kinky sex relating to pain.
Rich is heavy into the sado-masochism scene. He likes giving it AND taking it.
by TheArgonaut October 26, 2006
named after the Marquis de Sade (1700's), it is the act of sexual pleasure through deliberate infliction of pain and most often involves role playing
Sado-masochism is considered by some to be a completely alternative lifestyle.
by D. Smith September 23, 2006
a sexual life style that a person lives in which sexual pleasure is derrived from giving or recieving pain.
the easiest way to give your girlfriend a black eye and everything is still cool.
by sue sunday July 27, 2004
a sexual practice that can be incorporated into the general lifestyle of a person by which sexual gratification is reached though torturing others or being tortured by others (usually a passion partner) or humiliating or being humiliated by others.
S&M paraphenalia can be found in many stores on Broadway, but as they are pricy sadomasochism can be a pricy lifestyle
by Dezmene May 17, 2006
The most fun a person can possibly have.
I go to the store and I see a brightly colored and neat package reading, "Genuine leather whip; great for your sadomasochism-loving cowboy or boss!"
by Malafides Lucius December 02, 2006

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