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A huge, fat slob who thinks they're amazing at everything but have an IQ of less than 6. They can be lovely when observed in their natural habitat but even a slight scare can set off their true colours of bitchyness. Warning! Anyone under the age of 12 may find 'Sadie's seriously disturbing as they're messed up freaks(actually this may be the case if you're over 12 too).

In conclusion, anyone named Sadie will leave a nastu taste in your mouth.
le person: uuhuuh the room is suddenly so cold!

Le other person: its coz that bitch Sadie just walked in
by LeFilleVrai November 12, 2013
A Big boobed lesbian hooker. She has an amazing bestfriend. She likes to spit, and is very good at humping. She is also a very good lover, and spends most of her time in the cinema.
Stop being such a Sadie.
by divabanana November 27, 2011
A really mean person, who's natural expression is a really dirty look. Self-centered bratty person who thinks is they are really popular.
She is such a Sadie!
by Emiye October 12, 2011
The sweetest, cutest dog in the whole world! She is beautiful, inside and out!
Oh miss sadie!!!
by snuggleplum February 04, 2010
a girl, who is very bitchy and a fake friend. Has a large ass, is obese, and with no boobs. Rich, and gives pot heads all her money. Likes to smoke pot with her guys, and also drinks alcohol with them just for 'fun'. Also a whore, she'll suck your dick even tho shes not dating you. Don't waste your time on her.
did you hear that sadie chick has lost so many friends because shes so fake?
by apersonwithbighonkers July 05, 2011
A white trash girl with ginormous boobs. also known as a sexy position with the mouth and dick both in the vagina. sadie is also another name for the grafenburg spot. Bathroom square number four is known as sadie. sadie would do that.
I did the sadie and she fucking loved it.
I tickled her sadie last night, it was nice and shaved with a blonde landing strip.
I cut it up on the sadie last night, you know.
by Lesbiany7w89q7 October 29, 2007