HARDCORE! Loves kitties <3
"i'm sadie"
"i'm so hardcore"
by no oneeeeeeeeeeeeee June 23, 2013
She is the coolest person to hang around. You can get in trouble with her, but it's totally worth it. She's a weird common white girl who loves Starbucks and Chipotle.
Did you see Sadie. She was rocking out with Gracie!
by BASICSMUGGLE March 31, 2015
An extremely beautiful blonde girl, tall, perfect skin, funny as fuck and has A BIG BOOTY. She also has great taste in music by loving great punk bands such as social distortion, X, Black Flag, and The misfits.
Guy1: "whoa, dude, I heard that chick likes the descendants!"

Guy2: "she's a sadie defiantly."
by milton666 August 10, 2013
an amphibious mammalian species native to Northern Minnesota. Very rare. Known to socialize with humans. They stand about 5ft and are very colorful and playful. They tend to mess with peoples facebooks which is rude! Scietific name is Rainasscerian Sadias
A Sadie posted on my facebook wall, and I was very upset!

My friend's a Sadie, the last of her kind.
by Because I'm awesome, it's true November 09, 2010
A Big boobed lesbian hooker. She has an amazing bestfriend. She likes to spit, and is very good at humping. She is also a very good lover, and spends most of her time in the cinema.
Stop being such a Sadie.
by divabanana November 27, 2011
The sweetest, cutest dog in the whole world! She is beautiful, inside and out!
Oh miss sadie!!!
by snuggleplum February 04, 2010
A huge, fat slob who thinks they're amazing at everything but have an IQ of less than 6. They can be lovely when observed in their natural habitat but even a slight scare can set off their true colours of bitchyness. Warning! Anyone under the age of 12 may find 'Sadie's seriously disturbing as they're messed up freaks(actually this may be the case if you're over 12 too).

In conclusion, anyone named Sadie will leave a nastu taste in your mouth.
le person: uuhuuh the room is suddenly so cold!

Le other person: its coz that bitch Sadie just walked in
by LeFilleVrai November 12, 2013

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