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a drink made up of Rye, White Rum, and cola
a stiff drink that tastes f-ing good usually ordered by a woman named sadie
by The Chad m February 08, 2009
209 171
amazing boob-whore.
damn, sadie has some really squishy boobs.
by cunttbag January 23, 2007
500 464
A girl that will laugh at every joke, while at the same time setting people up for jokes in the mean time. Loves to play sports and hang with friends. A girl that is not consernd with fashion and is perfectly fine with wearing clothes from a thrift shop; as long as they look good of course. Often are moderately tall with brown hair. Makes a great life long friends, and does not gossip about others
Steve-Wow that girl is being a total Sadie!
Joe- You are right she laughs at all my jokes, man I am sure glad to have a life long friend like her!
by Lish563 October 14, 2013
49 14
An awesome,tall,blonde girl. Shes amazing to talk to, and can brighten your day. She has the best personality and won't take crap from anyone. She keeps secrets until you piss her off. If you don't piss her off, she'll be your friend forever. She's extremely adorable,and loves to laugh...even if she doesn't admit it. And she also loves to talk on the phone, especially to people named kameron.
Wow, sadie is the best. I had an hour long conversation with yesterday.
by That1GuyLol September 08, 2013
9 3
An extremely beautiful blonde girl, tall, perfect skin, funny as fuck and has A BIG BOOTY. She also has great taste in music by loving great punk bands such as social distortion, X, Black Flag, and The misfits.
Guy1: "whoa, dude, I heard that chick likes the descendants!"

Guy2: "she's a sadie defiantly."
by milton666 August 10, 2013
4 3
HARDCORE! Loves kitties <3
"i'm sadie"
"i'm so hardcore"
by no oneeeeeeeeeeeeee June 23, 2013
10 10
an amphibious mammalian species native to Northern Minnesota. Very rare. Known to socialize with humans. They stand about 5ft and are very colorful and playful. They tend to mess with peoples facebooks which is rude! Scietific name is Rainasscerian Sadias
A Sadie posted on my facebook wall, and I was very upset!

My friend's a Sadie, the last of her kind.
by Because I'm awesome, it's true November 09, 2010
58 86