A sex move that is similar to the rusty trombone (licking a man's butthole while giving him a reach around), only with both people crying. Usually occurs post-breakup.
After Andrew got dumped, his girlfriend gave him one last sad trombone.
by Buhrmaster April 05, 2009
Top Definition
SNL did NOT "pioneer" this sound effect, it's been around since vaudeville days. Dumb ass kids gotta stop writing stupid definitions.
Another dumb-ass definition from some stupid geek on the net. Sad trombone, indeed!
by Reverend Dr. Mycopheles October 03, 2005
Function: noun

1. Describes the sound made by a trombone to illustrate a depressing statement, action, or moment. "Wah waah". Pioneered on the SNL skit Debbie Downer.
Tad: Bjorn, did you show Nell those pictures of your new kitten?
Bjorn: I don't think so. Nell, would you like to see the pictures I have of Sir Fluffles?
Nell: Oh, Bjorn, I can't bear to look at pictures of cats -- they only make me think of watching my own Mr. Snowflake waste away due to the effects of Feline Leukemia.
Tad: Wow... sad trombone!
by Alana Post September 30, 2005
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