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Capital of Cali.

Best known for tomatoes, rice, politics, "massage parlors", homeless schizos kicked out of Roseville, cows, Laker losses, and kick-ass asian food.

Also "sactown".
"Da governator don't be hangin in no sacto! The man takes his ride from so cal every day. His ass too good to be representin' the nine-one-six."
by sacratomato June 16, 2004
-What's Mike up to these days?

-He's livin' in Sact'o and going to grad school.
by mhibma May 31, 2006
the town that desperate davis college boys go to for sexual fulfillment
Roshan's busy tonight; he's going to Sacto.
by Anonymous July 15, 2001
the crappiest place on earth
Sacto is hot and smells like a cow's dung.
by sum dum guy November 05, 2002