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Acne on your testicles
Niles has a bad case of sacne. His girlfriend swallowed one.
by Captain Footlong July 06, 2005
Large, easy to pop pimples to your testicles, except you squeeze your nuts when popping them, so it hurts alot.
mike: I had the most intense sacne the other day, I was enduring the pain and I got a good one popped and it squirted and hit my left nipple

mitch: good aim, yet fuckin' gross
#acne #pimples #zits #balls #testicles
by Miklus April 06, 2006
Acne on ur Teste Sack....
Dude thats just sick
by sKrIlLa May 22, 2003
when your balls have a gang of pimples on them
Cube probably has sacne
by justin major July 09, 2005
when you have acne on your balls
i never relized there was such a thing as sacne until i was licking charlies ballsac and realized it was infested with acne and then i relized i had been licking a guys balls not my dog's...ha silly me
#acne #backne #crackne #walrus shit #boobne
by Alexander walter July 04, 2006
a rash, or excessive pimpling, on your ball sack.
Man, I have a really bad case of sacne. It itches like hell.
#sackne #sackney #sackny #sacney #sacny
by Stevie Tulsa Wonder August 23, 2011
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