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touching one's genitals. can be used in various circumstances, e.g. sacktapper, sackmacker, sackslapper, et cetera. often used to insult one or to denote someone as a good friend.
didn't you, you sackTAPPER?
by Ryan September 22, 2003
aka tea bagging or chest humping;
a gamer term in First Person Shooters or 3rd person shooters when one crouches over anothers body repeatedly to give the immpression of humping their dead body; is usually used to mock one with a bad gamertag,who is camping or is just plain annoying. Often the players that sack-tap are the most annoying anyways.
1. "Dude, look at this gaywad's gamertag! Pannfle. I am gonna start sack-tapping the hell outta this bitch."
2. These kids are so gay. They keep sack-tapping me!
by DoesntLikeGears March 25, 2009
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