Top Definition
1. A person who lacks initiative.
2. A person who lacks wherewithal.
3. A person who has no "sack." Lacks braveness, boldness, assertiveness.
1. The sackless intern can't seem to find any work to do.
2. That sackless chap wants to own a convenience mart, but can't even pay his newspaper bill on time.
3. It's a sackless captain that can't steer his own ship.
by kero frangipani pants February 06, 2009
Insult used to say the person is useless, stupid or something to that.
"That sackless boy fell down the well!"
by doodles April 01, 2005
Having no balls in ones sack
Guy 1: Chewy's real sackless for not playing me in nhl.
Guy 2: Yeah, he has no balls.
by DBroll March 17, 2013
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