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Brazilian slang. Means "you know what I mean?"
That bitch is so hot, saca?

Your mom is such a whore, saca?
by Grandeza October 17, 2005
Bag of Herb, ready for consumption.
Yo you got that,Saca?
by Jshaft October 30, 2006
A term used retardedly by a minortiy of south americans most likely pueruvians. It supposedly means "uhoh" or "cool" was first hear by the common Julio.
Queer1:i got a 100 on my S.A.T score
Queer2" Uh Oh Saca
by Julio Pios November 01, 2003
dumb; originated from Andres R.
That book is saca!
by Eric August 04, 2003

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