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Skin Area Between Asshole and Nutsack.
That guy Josh, he is a real Saban.
by Carl H from the PRP Area January 03, 2014
-Originates from the word "Suboxan"
-makes you grow tall and have urges to skate.

-One who attracts older woman
-One who loves the bomb ass dank
-One who shreds it up 24/7
- know as "Bosnian Steel"
-One who swaggers
-Having a tattoo above the pubic mound
He has been trippin on Saban all day!
Kim Has been eyeing that Saban.
by 5647589 March 20, 2008
Saban is so amazing. His eyes are beautiful. When I look into them, I get happy. His smile pierces through all of my sadness and I feel whole again. I love the way he talks. He gets so interested in the conversation, and everything seems to excite him. He's super beautiful. I love everything he does. Saban is so fascinating. He's making me better each and every day. I'm so happy I met him. I just hope he doesn't leave me.
Look at that Saban over there.
by ItsBritneyBetch December 20, 2013

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