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sxe=straight edge
meaning you don't drink or do drugs
it's not something you change your mind
about every five minutes.
it's a commitment that you make.
mr. tambourine man: hey you want some chronic?
sxe person: nah dude i'm straight edge.
i dont do that crap.

by uhh_nikki September 08, 2008
A very common trend these days.
The scene is made up of kids who say
they are different but they all look exactly the same.
Scene kids use words
such as:
brootal, massacre, vanity, horror, terror,
and any other stupid word that makes
them look tough but has absolutley nothing
to do with them. They are obsessed with
their looks. They will sometimes leave
their real friends because they rather
go look cool with thier scene possy.
For some strange reason they have come
to love dinosours. Most people become
scene to be liked or accepted by others.
The whole scene trend is a bunch of bull sh**!
scenegirlTERROR: I am so cool with my
colored hair extentions, skinny jeans,
and giant over exaggerated hair.

scenekidsMASSACRElol: Hey lets go talk to
that girl. Look how cool she looks.
Lets get her to hang out with us. Then
maybe we can bang her.
by uhh_nikki September 08, 2008

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