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Straight edge is a way of life free from drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous sex. It originated in the original hardcore and punk scene. When bands would play at all ages venues, minors were required to have X's put on the top of there hands, signifying that they were underage. When one band member, Ian Mackaye from the band Minor Threat, decided he was going to where the X's on his hands even though he wasn't underage but still free from drugs and alcohol, he built a community of people that were drug free. Straight edge eventually evolved into keeping yourself clean, and not harming your body.
some people mark themselves in tatoo's with the sxe signia,
because to most it is a life long commitment

venues that still mark X's on minors hands in the orange county area include, but not limited to: Hoques Barmichaels, The Galaxy, and the choachhouse
by xChasex June 30, 2006

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