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The Straight-Edge movement; a way of life. In a nutshell, don't drink, don't smoke, don't fuck. It's a way of respecting yourself and others.
Symbolized by Xs.
SXE is a way of life. If I ever lose my edge, it'll be over.
by crucifiedhavok28 February 26, 2004
A fan club for AFI which provides exclusive privleges for diehard fans, a "way for us to give back to the band" (quote Davey Havok) and it, overall, very much worth the 30 bucks. Abbreviation: DF
The Despair Faction kicks ass.
by crucifiedhavok28 February 26, 2004
What Jade Puget does unless he's holding shit down like a hairnet.
Yeah, I still roll tight like a perm.
by crucifiedhavok28 February 26, 2004

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