Sour Faced Bitch. You have probably felt the affect of this person. She's the one at work watching your every move with a face that looks like its been slapped by a rotten lemon. No matter what you do or say, the S.F.B is miraculously well-informed by people at work who rat you out.
Quick man, minimize the porn site - the S.F.B is coming!

I can't talk now, I'm getting the S.F.B treatment.

Sorry, it wasn't me that farted.
by bennyfrou September 25, 2009
A group of kids from los angeles who just don't give a fuck... known as OG's to everyone in LA... (dera, spur, mower, adub, lexr, beam, omets)
One guy: "aye I heard those guys are from sfb"
Other guy: "aw fuck, let's get out of here."
by king dera January 26, 2011
Spoiled fucking brat
My stepson is a sfb
by azncinderella August 25, 2011
Serious Fucking Business
Crystal: omg my grandma died just now!

Anonia: haha wow that's some sfb
by chad5161 July 30, 2009
So freaking bored/so freaking boring
Jane: "Meet 4 cofee?"
Jill: "Totaly! SFB"
by pseuzieq August 03, 2010
Acronym, stands for Shit For Brains. Describes a person who is unbelievably stupid or idiotic.
*Man answers a question incorrectly*
*Mans friend shouts at first man*: SFB!!!!
by Ninjacammykins September 09, 2010
A cute acronym that means So Fucking Bitchy.
She just hung up on me. That was SFB.
by Natatatatat December 22, 2009

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