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An Expression of Joy or Happiness, best written, not pronounced. Substitution for w00t.
s000000000000t! I just ran that mug.
by Jim December 08, 2003
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Another Cliche for Fags that dont use w00t.
s00t s00t. instead of w00t w00t.
by [M] June 07, 2003
see w00t
s00t, my rents just bought me a new mustang!!
by mayhem June 07, 2003
A lame word used by a homosexual member at Genmay known as XiAkUmAiX.

XiAkUmAiX says s00t, because he like the cock.

by Oxford June 07, 2003
When somebody says "s00t!" it means they have just come out of the closet and want the world to know about their newfound homosexuality
Joe: s00t! s00t!
Bob: wtf?
Joe: I'm gay. s00t!
Bob: Sweet, wanna have buttsex?
Joe: Hell yeah! s00t! s00t!
by M|22 June 07, 2003
Kasracer, an animal which will rape you before you can blink.
Kasracer rapped my 13 year old sister after she ate some pot brownies.
by Kasracer June 07, 2003
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