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What you say to an isajeep when he is jacking your new tv.
Thats my tv you isajeep!!!!
by M|22 January 04, 2005
When somebody says "s00t!" it means they have just come out of the closet and want the world to know about their newfound homosexuality
Joe: s00t! s00t!
Bob: wtf?
Joe: I'm gay. s00t!
Bob: Sweet, wanna have buttsex?
Joe: Hell yeah! s00t! s00t!
by M|22 June 07, 2003
A lowly 16k on genmay. He really wants an avatar for some reason. Doesn't make threads. Overall fgt.
MightyMouse does not neccessarily know what he's talking about.
Anything he says that may not make sense cannot be used against
him by other pathetic/respectable individuals.
by M|22 April 05, 2005
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